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Corporate Communications

Leading the Way in Employee Benefits Communications

Our expertise in creating these essential resources has made us a go-to agency for corporation communications when companies need to explain their employee benefits effectively. With a focus on innovative design and clear messaging, we ensure benefits stand out.

Macy's Employee Benefits Guide

Macy’s Employee Benefits Guide

Darden Restaurants Digital Employee Benefits Guide

Darden Restaurants Digital Employee Benefits Guide

Pioneers in Benefits Guide Design

Our journey in benefits guide design began with a commitment to transforming standard employee communications into compelling, informative resources. This niche, which we have passionately pursued, has positioned us as pioneers in the field. We continuously innovate, ensuring our benefits guide designs meet the evolving needs of modern businesses and their diverse workforces.

Trusted by Global Brands for Benefits Communication

Our portfolio boasts collaborations with global giants like Yum! Brands, Darden Restaurants, Boeing, and Macy’s. These partnerships underscore our capability to deliver high-quality benefits communications that resonate with employees and align with brand values.

Boeing (formerly KLX) Employee Benefits Animated PowerPoint

Macy's Employee Benefits Poster in English and Spanish

Macy’s Employee Benefits Poster in English and Spanish

Serving a Diverse Range of Clients

We thrive in partnering with a variety of sectors, from HR departments and corporate entities to health and wellness organizations and DEI initiatives. This versatility in understanding and addressing the distinct requirements of different sectors underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional and relevant communication solutions.

Elevate Your Employee Benefits Comms

A well-crafted benefits guide is crucial in showcasing your commitment to your employees.

Let INgrid Design help you create a guide that not only informs but also engages and inspires your workforce. Contact us to discuss how we can elevate your employee benefits communication.

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