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UofL Health

As UofL Health has developed into a larger, more expansive health care system, our brand builders have been hard at work helping to redefine and grow the brand within the region.

Working in partnership with the Marketing Team at UofL Health, we strengthened the brand positioning, created a strong visual identity system and launched an inspiring Power of U campaign—designed to connect with both an internal and external audience. And within just a few years, this growing health care system now enjoys a high level of brand awareness and is well-known throughout the region as a comprehensive system of innovative health care facilities and providers.

Starting with the branding for the original two facilities—University Hospital and James Graham Brown Cancer Center—we created a strong visual identity system that was easily recognizable and dynamic enough to accommodate their growing portfolio of hospitals, medical centers and providers.

To support the rebranding and expansion, we launched the Power of U campaign—internally—to connect with employees and restore pride in the workplace. We then expanded the campaign to consumers, continuing to focus on the expertise, innovation and advanced care available, right here in Kentucky. This compelling campaign was brought to life through a variety of mediums including TV and radio spots, outdoor boards, print and digital ads, and a range of print materials—and quickly resonated with consumers. As a testament to the strength of the campaign, the Power of U continues to anchor our messaging for UofL Health today and is essential in building an emotional connection with consumers and educating them about the benefits of the brand and their expanded facilities.

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